The ongoing pandemic has completely changed the way businesses operate. In 2020, we saw social media usage skyrocketing, e-commerce booming and virtual platforms have replaced in-person experiences. As a result, it has also expedited the transition to all things digital. To help businesses navigate the rapidly changing marketing landscape, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 digital marketing strategies your organisation needs in 2021.


            1) Increase the interactive content

Contests, polls, quizzes and interactive videos are just a few examples of the interactive elements businesses have been adopting on their websites and social media. Done right, interactive marketing can exponentially increase business reach and visibility. It facilitates marketers with detailed data that can refine offer-targeting whilst also offering value to visitors.

Tip: Contests on Facebook and Instagram are a great way to rapidly grow followers, increase engagement and expand audience reach.

            2) Invest in your short-form video strategy

With the rise of TikTok, Instagram reels and IGTV over the last couple of years,  short-form videos have given users a new way to consume content in a short entertaining form, making them the biggest digital marketing trend of 2021. 

Tip: Consistent high-quality informative content is the key to success with this strategy.


            3) Practice customer segmentation in your marketing campaigns

By grouping your target audience according to specific interests, behaviours or demographics, you can tailor your content according to their preferences. A study found that 72% of customers only interact with personalised marketing (source: SmarterHQ). This strategy allows marketers to reduce costs whilst increasing profit as consumers receive content that is hand-picked for them. 

Tip: Swap out the large marketing campaigns for more frequent smaller targeted ones to ensure a rise in consumer engagement. 


            4) Ephemeral Content is key

With Twitter finally launching fleets in 2020, all social media platforms now have a way for their users to create and consume ephemeral content-rich images and/or video only accessible for a brief period of time i.e Snapchat Stories. Marketers use ephemeral content to elicit an immediate response from consumers and drive-up traffic. The sense of urgency caused by the time-limit on the content means that users are more likely to click on the ad campaigns, interact with content or visit your page.  

Tip: Consistency is essential to boosting engagement and ensuring you are favoured by the algorithm.   


            5) Host virtual events

Though virtual events started as a necessity to fill the void of in-person experiences during Covid, they have proved their value and secured their place in the digital marketing world. Interested attendees no longer need to worry about travel, accommodation, cost and convenience when signing up for events. Since virtual events are more accessible, companies have been able to host attendees from all over the world and all sorts of demographics. Event organisers saw an increase in participation at a lower cost and a higher ROI. 

Tip: Create rich content and invite industry professionals to drive engagement. 


2020 has changed the way people navigate the digital world. This forced transition to fully digital has made work, leisure and consumerism all predominantly exist in the same bubble. Every business now more than ever depends on great digital marketing strategies to succeed. Agency professionals are experts in utilizing digital solutions in a cost-effective timely manner to ensure the best results. These 5 trends are pioneering the way marketers ensure content is consumed by the target audience online. By implementing these digital marketing trends, you are making sure your business adapts and excels in the constantly evolving digital space.


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