Why Performance Marketing?

Aim and score. Unlike other forms of advertising, performance marketing fees are not paid up front; they depend on the success of the ads. In other words, performance marketing is a win-win opportunity where only successful transactions are accounted and paid for.

You only pay for what you get. It’s ideal for optimizing down-funnel KPI’s and allows your business to focus on action and conversions. It is easy to track the performance of the campaign and act accordingly with quick and smooth techniques.

Performance Marketing is data-driven and is 100% measurable. With a single ad, you are able to measure everything from brand reach to conversion rate giving you more accurate and up-to-date tracking metrics. Given that performance marketing is ROI focused, there is less risk for your business. The process is quicker and profitability is guaranteed.

Jeel Media's approach to Performance Marketing

Starting with performance marketing is a great step forward without taking a risk of dedicating a huge budget for an ad, which is great for small organizations as well as large ones. At Jeel Media, we make sure you see results and conversions as you invest in your marketing campaign. We focus on actions. This means that our goal is to attract leads, sign-ups, conversions and sales rendering your business with only positive rewards. We are always trying new things ultimately looking for better and more innovative ways to optimize performance marketing campaigns. In performance marketing, speed is key. It relies entirely on measurable results which induces us to reach your audience quickly and strategically. With performance marketing, you receive an accurate and real time measurement of your ROI entitling you to full transparency regarding the cost of your campaign. It allows your business to reach the right audience in the right time very quickly with less risk and measurable results.

Performance Marketing Services

  • Social Advertising
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Performance Content
  • Analytics & Insights

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