Influencers Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencers Marketing

Benefit the Power of Influencers to Get Your Message Out There!

As an influencers marketing agency, we recognize influencers’ value and ability to sway the public and breathe life into businesses. Leveraging the power of these influential people is one way to help you get noticed online.

When you build or grow your business through the eyes of those who matter most to the people – relevant influencers – you will witness exponential growth in your follower base and raise your brand awareness.

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What Our Influencer Marketing Services Include:

  • Creative content strategy
    Creative content strategy
  • Campaign timeline Creation
    Campaign Timeline Creation
  • Find relevant insights on the brand, competitors, industry, and audience
    Find relevant insights on the brand, competitors, industry, and audience
  • Find and select the most relevant Influencers for the brand and campaign
    Find and select the most relevant Influencers for the brand and campaign
  • Outreach to the influencers, brief them, and contract them
    Outreach to the influencers, brief them, and contract them
  • Manage the influencers and produce the content with them
    Manage the influencers and produce the content with them
  • Report the success metrics in the campaign
    Report the success metrics in the campaign
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Influencer Strategy

We know what works best when working with influencers because we have done this ourselves. We work closely with our clients to understand their target market to select the appropriate influencer based on demographics and interests. This ensures maximum impact from each social media post.

We help you identify how influencer marketing can help you achieve your overall business goals and make it part of your broad media mix. We determine your target group and define relevant and measurable KPIs.

Influencer Sourcing & Contracting


Influencer Sourcing & Contracting

We help you find the best content creators that match your client’s needs for their events.

With our influencer marketing solutions, we don’t simply put you on the map – we take you right into the eyes of your target market by knowing the social dynamics and how to engage your community.

Our team gives influencers creative freedom while maintaining our eyes on your strategy to hit a home run. It’s about time you start reaping the benefits of influencer marketing.


Creativity & Preparations

We help you identify influencers that fit your brand and reach your target audience. We have access to detailed follower data to help drive our decisions in our AI-based tool. We help you with the creatives and ensure that the entire process runs smoothly, from start to finish.



While we coordinate and execute the full activation, you can follow the results in real-time. We work continuously to optimize the impact to achieve the best effect possible.


Mesure & Optimize

We help you keep track of how your activations are performing against the set KPIs, and we continuously optimize the result. Examples of KPIs that we measure are engagement level, conversions, and true reach.

All Levels of Influencers and Campaigns


No matter what platform you’re looking to leverage, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Linked In, Baaz, Youtube, or any other social space, we guarantee to find you the influencer that your business needs the most.

Our experts will connect with the influencers that best suit your brand image and identity and use that to choose the social media platform of choice to have an unstoppable audience of audience passionate about their influencers and platforms and a marketing campaign that bears results.


These influencers are macro-influencers that have reached stardom in and out of the social sphere and will most likely position your brand or company in front of millions of prospective clients or customers, garnering much more exposure.


They often have a diverse audience with different topics of interest. Their relationships with the individual members of their followership tend to be more distant.


Mid Tier influencers generally focus on a specific niche. They have an extremely targeted audience, and their reach extends to middle-of-the-road audience size.


Focus on a specific niche and a very uniform and engaged audience and generally regarded as an industry expert or topic specialist. They tend to have stronger relationships than a typical influencer.


They create an ongoing relationship between the brand and audiences. They can be used for sales, acquisition, or UGC.

As we are a Talent Agency, we believe that the influencers should have the right representative on behalf of them, who has connections with the market in many industries; our influences network can benefit from our services, which include but are not limited to:

  • Accounts Management
  • Revenue Stream Development
  • Rebranding Services
  • Legal Consultations
  • Client Negotiations