Content Marketing

Content is King, Always Was, Always Will Be!
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Content Marketing

Content is King, Always Was, Always Will Be!

What Makes Jeel Great Choice as A Content Writing Agency

As a content creation agency, we believe that integrating marketing communications can work wonders to give our clients a competitive edge. Our creative team is a beehive that is always busy, productive, responsive, and proactive. Not only do they work on your content marketing strategy to enhance customer experience through various types of content marketing to ensure profitable customer action.

Do You Need A Content Check?

Have you ever read something and were just impressed? Straight to the point. Clever. And we are just appealing to the eye. That’s precisely what Jeel does. Our team of creatives, content writers, and copywriters consistently works together to bring value to your products through visual and written content that is pleasant to view and convert. We develop a content creation strategy for each client to ensure that we are making things right.

The Magic of Great SEO and Quality Content

When it comes to content creation strategy, we always keep in mind that while developing a content strategy, our pieces of content not only support your primary and secondary keywords it also is written with planting interest in mind. We’ve mentioned previously that it’s not only about stuffing keywords but rather producing high-quality content. This is why we spend much planning and strategizing.

We have to make sure that all of your content is high quality to rank well in search engines like Google. If people find what you’re writing helpful or exciting, they’ll share it with their friends, who will help increase traffic back to your site.

The Different Types of Content

We’re living in a world where – whether you know it or not – consume vast amounts of content daily, whether it was visual content, audio content, GIFs, infographics, or ebooks. So, what type of content should you create? Well, there are several different forms of content:
Written Content

Written Content:

  • Blog Posts
    We have a pool of great writers and bloggers who are constantly uploading and writing creative content that is of interest to people while also making it super engaging. The best thing about blogs is that they allow easy sharing through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social channels.
  • EBooks
    Our team of writers will write Ebooks on your business subject matter. No matter what field you’re in, we guarantee that we have the perfect writer for it. 
  • Infographics
    Our designers and copywriters collaborate with the analytics team to create an infographic representing data that helps users quickly grasp complex concepts.

Audio Content

  • Podcasts
    We hire professionals to run your series of recorded interviews on any subject matter. Many podcasts focus more on entertainment than education.
  • Voiceover
    We hire professional talents to voice all different types of ads.

Audio Content
Written Content

Visual Content

  • Youtube
    We create Youtube videos by also understanding the best form of Youtube videos for your business. Aiming to have it always eyecatching and drives value, our video production is always done on high standards while also understanding what the algorithms of Youtube prefer to create the best video possible.
  • Reels
    Creating casual and campaign-driven reels to strengthen the ties between your business and the community that follows it.
  • Posts
    Our team will create creative content by following a content calendar plan that is carefully put together to hit specific goals, whether in the form of single images, albums, or carousels.
  • Photos
    Designed by the collaboration of our talented designers and content writers, our artists will create valuable content that moderators will share with your audience to resonate with your campaign and identity.

Our Practices for Premium Content Marketing Services

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make regarding creating content is focusing too much on quantity over quality. When this happens, companies spend way too much money and resources without achieving the results they were hoping for. Instead of wasting tons of cash on promoting mediocre content, we believe every business needs to invest heavily into high-quality content produced for the target audience.

As a content writing agency, we believe that content is king, and we only hire royalty. Our content and copywriting specialists are some of the most talented people. They’re salespeople who will write copy that will instantly hook you.

We offer you premium converting content marketing services that are not only recycling but also entertaining.

Top-Notch Content Marketing Services

Our team of specialists is always ready to deliver premium, high-quality content in many different forms that will convert a casual visitor into a buyer and a regular buyer into a loyal customer. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Consistent Content
  • Email Newsletters
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Helpful Content
  • Audio Content
  • Visual Content
  • Press Release Distribution Services
  • Digital PR services

Key Deliverables

  • 100% unique content (images, GIFs, videos, infographics)
    100% Unique Content
    (Images, GIFs, Videos, Infographics)
  • Content calendar
    Content Calendar
  • Captions, hashtags, and tagging when applicable
    Captions, Hashtags, and Tagging
    when applicable
  • Evergreen and timely visuals
    Evergreen and Timely Visuals
  • Relevant cross-channel visuals
    Relevant Cross-Channel Visuals
  • Content Marketing Strategy
    Content Marketing Strategy