Why Is Social Media Management Important?

More than half the people in the world are online. This translates to great potential for your business. Make sure you don’t miss it!

It doesn’t matter how big your business is, having a presence on social media helps you connect with your customers and increases awareness about your brand.

Often, social media platforms are where your soon-to-be customers hear about your business first.

Social media puts you in the heart of the conversation and enables you to show authenticity by showing your brand’s personality to your followers.

Social Media In The Arab World 2020

How Does It Affect My ROI?

By utilizing social media services, along with quality content and social media advertising, you guarantee:

  • Substantial fan growth
  • Higher impressions and reach
  • More engaged audience
  • Significant exposure compared to your competitors
  • Boost in traffic to your pages, websites, or app
  • 100% response rate and low response time
  • Monthly content calendar with creative visuals (images, GIFs, videos)
  • Positive reinforcement of your brand identity
  • Stronger brand recall

Why Jeel Media Is A Top Agency For Social Media Management

Jeel Media’s social media team understands the importance of being at the frontline of the communication between your business and its online audience. Based in both Amman and Istanbul, the entire team acquired expertise on all the social media platforms and are working first-hand on major accounts across the MENA and GCC regions. In fact, our social media team are currently handling more than 30 social media accounts of high caliber clients.

Dealing with a team that is responsive, understanding and, most importantly, ambitious are key factors to successful social media activity. With our team, you are sure that every inquiry is answered, every post is well thought-out, and every creative asset is of top-quality.

The autonomy, creativity and loyalty of our team towards the accounts are indeed virtues we take pride in. As a client, you will be communicating directly with a team lead who will be your first point of contact. He/she will assist in all the steps necessary for you to be confident your account is well taken care of. Rest assured, your account is in good hands with a team that will give your audience the best image of your business.

Social Media Management Process

To kick-start a successful social media channel management, our strategists determine the most suitable tactics that will put you ahead of your competitors and showcase the best image of your business. The strategy is translated into visuals and key messages through a process of content creation, in collaboration with our talented graphic designers. Our team of moderators distribute the content on the predetermined channels using the tone of voice that best matches your business identity. Jeel Media’s social media specialists are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to moderate the channels of a large array of business types while simultaneously engaging in discussions with the audience, which will push your business to the forefront of any relevant conversation. Lastly, we focus on improving by analyzing and evaluating reports that extract meaningful insights about your business’ social media performance.

Meet Our Team

Jeel Media’s social media department is comprised of many teams, each dedicated to a single account. While some of our teams have as many as 14 members, they each function as a team of one.

Social media is often used within a broader digital marketing strategy. Our teams understand how social media can be a powerful tool to reach your audience, while saving room for other strategies to jump in and achieve your overall company goal. Thus, each team member understands that their work is not only limited to attract engagement, but instead, build a solid rock for your business to constantly grow in the eyes of your audience. 

Think Outside The Box

Advertising on social media can also be part of a bigger picture or a major goal. Whether you are looking to conduct paid ads for the sake of engagement or for the sake of greater overall performance (boosting sales, leads, app-installs, traffic), you can depend on us to invest your money in strategic campaigns on the most effective channels.

Though, our social media efforts do not stop here. Our team makes sure your efforts do not go to waste. We are here to help you brainstorm new ideas, develop new concepts and ensure their execution in a timely manner. Our team members have great experience in boosting the engagement on our clients’ pages; so if you have any questions or concerns, we will gladly find you the most effective solutions.

How Do I Measure The Progress Of My Social Media Activity?

KPIs are the first metrics we determine once you set your goals. Accordingly, we prepare bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly or on demand reports with all the figures and feedback you need to know about your social media presence. We use the latest reporting tools to measure the relevant KPIs and the latest listening tools that will help you build rapport with your audience by understanding where your business stands in the eyes of your consumers.

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