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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, means setting up your website to appear through online search results while ensuring that the SEO best practices are applied.

Search Engines are the primary source of online information about a business. Therefore, when someone is looking for information relevant to your business, not only do you want your website to show up in the first page, but you want it to show up at the TOP. Good SEO generates significant “organic” traffic to your website (traffic that lands on your website as a result of unpaid search results), it gives you competitive advantage vis-a-vis non-optimized websites, and also improves user experience. Good SEO services grow your business!


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Rank On The First Google Page

Jeel Media provides the best SEO services in Amman, Istanbul, Qatar and GCC.

Technical SEO improves the crawling and indexing of your website to make it more understandable by Google and thus more search-engine-friendly.

On-Page SEO focuses on the content that primarily aims to send the right “signals” to search engines. In turn, those signals enable Google to recommend your website when people conduct relevant searches.

Off-Page SEO refers to link building. It is a way to promote your website via trusted websites to gain more credibility in the eyes of search engines. The more backlinks from trusted websites, the more positive impact on your website’s ranking.

Why Choose Jeel Media Over Other Agencies?

Our results speak for themselves, our team has recorded several successful SEO campaigns. At Jeel Media, we provide SEO services that guarantee you more organic clicks to your website by increasing your ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), ultimately yielding a higher ROI. Our local SEO experts tailor all the SEO campaigns to your budget and business goals.

About The Team

8 years in SEO? Yes. Jeel Media has a team of SEO experts with extensive experience in the field. Our certified team of experts is constantly up to date with the latest changes in algorithms and have the ability to provide you with clear action plans that will optimize your website.

As a professional agency providing English, Turkish & Arabic SEO services throughout the MENA and GCC regions, we are committed to creating the most optimized results while constantly improving the implemented strategies. Be it in Arabic, English or French, Jeel Media is equipped with the best SEO team to transform your website into a magnet for top-quality visitors.

Whether you’re a local that needs services from a leading SEO agency, or if you need SEO services in Qatar, Istanbul, Amman, or GCC, Jeel Media is here for you.

SEO Services Include:

  • SEO Technical Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page optimization
  • SEO content writing
  • Backlinks and outreach plans
  • Google Maps Optimization
  • SEO for E-commerce websites
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Arabic SEO services
  • Turkish SEO services
  • English SEO services

How Do I Measure My SEO Progress?

One of the greatest traits of SEO is that it could be measured with exact figures. We are able to extract numbers that reflect the progress of each keyword’s ranking on the SERP, the number of optimized pages, the CTR, and the page views. Thus, we prepare bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly or on demand reports with all the metrics you need to evaluate your SEO progress as well as your position among your competitors.

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