Is Content Marketing For Me?

Modern consumers know when they are being advertised to. They are more likely to engage with personalized and relevant content rather than learn about your business through an ad. In fact, 60% of consumers enjoy reading relevant content from brands (LYFE).

Marketing needs great content. Customers tend to trust brands that leave them with a good impression. To do that, the content you share must give your audience some sort of value. Be it educational, engaging or other, valuable content helps develop an opinion of your brand. Content marketing gives you the chance to shape your image in the eyes of your customers and create strong brand awareness.

The more personalized and unique your content is, the more this gives you a competitive advantage. This, in turn, positively influences the conversion rates as your strategies become more relevant to your target customers, who may even start to see you as a leader of the industry!

Why Choose Jeel Media Over Other Agencies?

In today’s world of advertising, integrated marketing communications has proven to be the most effective. At Jeel Media, we make sure that our departments work in harmony to deliver you valuable benefits and give you a clear competitive edge. In fact, our creative team not only is responsible for their own department’s content creation, but they directly supply creative assets to our social media, SEO, and paid advertising teams. There is a bond of loyalty between our departments that remains a core principle at Jeel Media. In a world where each consumer is bombarded with thousands of messages, the strong alliance between our departments ensures that the messages sent are consistent and powerful.

That being said, our content marketing talent also supports our SEO and paid advertising efforts, the strongest services of Jeel Media. Thus, if you are in need of content marketing, then why not get assistance from the agency that knows how to utilize it best?

Jeel Media's Method

Our strategists develop media plans that determine exactly the appropriate style and key messages that must be highlighted throughout our marketing efforts. The media plan is then passed on to the content writers who will create unique and innovative material for your social media pages. Verified by our copywriters, the work is passed on to our creative team who will deliver visuals in the requested format, most commonly in form of a monthly content calendar for social media purposes or as individual visuals for online advertising campaigns. Our team makes sure to balance between evergreen and timely content so that your audience remains engaged at all times!

About Our Team

Our content marketing department is comprised of experienced strategists, content writers, copywriters and a team of all senior graphic designers. Marketing nowadays is no longer enough without staggering content that will attract your audience.

Key messages, formulation, language formality, timing and even colors and font play a crucial role in the click-through-rate (CTR).

Our comprehensive content marketing team has enough experience in their hands to understand the psychology and create just the right material that will motivate your audience to engage with your shared content.

Based in Amman and Istanbul, our creative graphics team is available 7 days a week at your disposal to supply your pages with the needed designs.

Key Deliverables

  • 100% unique content (images, GIFs, videos, infographics)
  • Content calendar
  • Captions, hashtags and tagging when applicable
  • Evergreen and timely visuals
  • Relevant cross-channel visuals




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