The Acıbadem Healthcare Group is a leading Turkish healthcare institution. It consists of 21 hospitals and 16 medical centers, providing a wide range of medical services for local and international patients. 


  1. Create a global campaign during breast cancer awareness months to enhance brand awareness globally.
  2. Build a strong connection and engage with women audiences to leave a lasting impression. 


  1. Find reputable social media female influencers from different countries to participate in the campaign with the correct number and type of followers.
  2. Send a pink ribbon from one influencer to another across countries before returning to Acıbadem Senology Institute in Istanbul in October.
  3. Connect with women emotionally to leave a lasting positive impression on the Acıbadem brand.


“Influencer Marketing Campaign of the Year”

The Stevie Awards


Women Reached Organically


After extensive research, many creative decisions, and months of coordination, we created a successful campaign that fulfilled the groups’ desire to engage with a worldwide community.


Research & Outreach:

Our team reached out to hundreds of influencer profiles in the targeted countries and their audience before narrowing it down to 7 influencers who will commit to this campaign. 


Communication & Coordination:

We shipped pink ribbons to different countries and asked the influencers to shoot their videos with a pre-prepared script by our creative team that they presented in front of the camera.


Social Media: 

We coordinated with the influencers to post an explanatory video created by Acibadem that shows how to self-examine at home. And another post with the pink ribbon encouraging women to do the exam at home, tagging Acibadem on all posts. 



Our design team worked on compiling all the footage collected to create a video summing up the journey of the pink ribbon across countries.