Misbar, launched in 2019, is an Arab fact-checking platform that combats the spread of online misinformation and news. 


  1. Build growing organic traffic for the website. 
  2. Create a long-term and sustainable search engine strategy. 


  1. Their content is time sensitive because it relates to daily and weekly news.
  2. Due to the nature of fact-check website structure and type of news, Misbar’s content is considered thin* (Google considers pages with very little or no content as thin content pages).


133% Organic Traffic Increase


Before March 2020, articles and news published by Misbar were far from the top 5 results on google, and their website only had between 1000 visits per month.


⇨ Our Performance team conducted a thorough SEO Technical Audit to locate the flaws and identify the areas that need improving, such as content, keyword density, and overall website health, and delivered a detailed report. 


⇨ We created a new type of content: a Q&A section on their website. We identified the top questions people ask on google in the fields of Health, Language, and General Information to help direct traffic to their website.


⇨ We performed monthly updates and adoption of keywords based on the volume of searches and their relevance to the platform’s content.


“Dear Jeel Media,

On behalf of Misbar, I would like to thank you for the quality of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that your team has provided to our company. It helped in fixing all the technical issues and improved Misbar’s ranking. We are happy to have a long-term plan for off-site optimizations and enhancements and pleased by the way you executed the whole project”.


Ahmed Balousha, Managing Director at Misbar