Why CRO?

Make valuable conversions. Conversion rate optimization aims to increase the number of desired action.  Be it filling a form, signing up for an email list, or creating an account, CRO helps you fulfill necessary conversions that can ultimately lead to a purchase.

Improve your website performance. CRO helps you find ways to improve the effectiveness of your site. Instead of boosting the number of visitors to increase the number of sales, CRO focuses on optimizing your website to generate more sales with the same amount of traffic you currently have. By redesigning a single page your business can experience massive increases in leads, and ultimately customers.

Build your own optimization plan. CRO is very powerful, so powerful that it might have gotten Obama the presidency! The former President’s analytics team researched, analyzed and tested the degree the visitors felt encouraged to sign up for Obama’s newsletter. As a result, the team found out that a particular version increased the conversion rate by 40.6%, putting Obama ahead of the game.

Jeel Media's approach to CRO

CRO looks to find the right kind of people for your website. While business owners tend to increasingly drive more and more traffic to their website with no significant results, Jeel Media takes a different approach. Our team understands that higher conversion rates generated from existing traffic can drive more meaningful results. From your homepage to the pricing and landing page, we look to optimize all the content and call to actions on different pages to induce conversions from all over the website. Our team constantly conducts a series of A/B testing to find out which versions convert the most visitors into customers to find the best strategies for your business.  Accordingly, our team thoughtfully crafts smart variations and CTAs that capture quality leads, enticing them to convert rather than leave. We seek to optimize and utilize the traffic you already have; this allows you to gain more leads out of the current traffic and thus reduces waste. Rest assured that CRO will be a major contributor to the growth of your business.

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