ASTROLABE is one of the finest coffee shops in Amman, providing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for its customers with a wide range of coffee specialties, various beverages, and quality food.


  1. Increase brand awareness on Tiktok and drive footfall to their location in Amman.
  2. Grow the number of followers on the platform. 
  3. Connect with their target audience and build a close and warm relationship with them.


  1. Keep up to date with continuously changing international and local trends on TikTok.
  2. Ease the luxurious feel that Astrolab already has to a more approachable and friendly feel while maintaining a level of elegance. 
  3. Create videos and ads that promote the brand’s culture without being too commercial.


+1 Million Video Views

+12k New Followers

* Numbers are for four months period

 +37K Video likes

Increase in the number of followers:



Trending Topics:


The social media team at Jeelmedia took over the TikTok account and started producing weekly videos that reflect the image of Astrolabe. We used an appropriate tone, feel, and brand character to attract their target audience’s attention.


Brand Identity: Created a unified overall look and feel of the videos with appropriate shooting techniques, graphics, and attractive editing style.


Community Management:

Moderated comments and messages within 10 minutes and maintained a humorous and friendly tone with the audience. 


Ads Management:

Used TikTok Ads to create campaigns that support the account’s organic activities and reach more audiences on specific occasions.