As business owners, you want people to notice and engage with your business. If you don’t have a significant amount of traffic then your website must have been buried among thousands of others. Building the most attractive website and waiting for visitors to roll in could be your biggest mistake. Not to worry, here are 8 guaranteed ways to boost traffic to your website!

               1) SEO

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most powerful and stable way to get traffic. Although it takes more time than other strategies, it is still known to be the best long-run investment for your business online. SEO focuses on keywords. It aims to direct people who are already looking for businesses like you to your website, yielding you the highest quality of organic traffic.

DO: Focus your text around your target keywords.

DON’T: Create non-original content!

               2) Social Media

A great advice for 2019 is: get social! Almost everyone you know has a social media account, this leaves you with a lot of options that enable you to reach the right people. Social media users tend to follow brands they like and enjoy hearing about their updates firsthand. Social media networks are a great place not only to lead brand enthusiasts to your website, but also to be proactive, jump into conversations and attract new visitors.  

DO: Use social media to engage with prospects and customers.

DON’T: share the same automated content across all networks

               3) Advertising

Advertising seems obvious. Paid search enables you to conduct campaigns specifically tailored to your goals. You can increase your clicks and click-through-rate (CTR) by creating great ad texts with relevant keywords, key messages, and creative visuals. You can choose who gets to see your ad, when and where. The great thing about paid advertising is that it is result-driven. By advertising online, you can track your progress down to the slightest detail. This gives you the power to tweak your campaigns according to your needs as often as desired, retarget your ads to those worth advertising to, and only pay for what you get!

DO: Use A/B testing to deliver the best possible outcomes

DON’T: expect immediate results. It takes time to gather enough data to start optimizing your campaigns.

               4) Native Ads

The idea behind native ads is to match the style of the media in which they appear. Your content is exposed to readers without really looking like an ad since it is integrated smoothly into the web page. Although readers are nonetheless aware that they are viewing a form of advertisement, native ads still have a strong power of purchasing behavior and can significantly boost traffic to your website. As long as they are relevant, native ads have a great impact on conversions and are highly effective when you’re looking to attract more visitors towards your business.

DO: Always keep your articles up-to-date.

DON’T: assume that every media is a suitable place for your advertisements.

               5) E-mail Marketing

Many businesses neglect e-mail marketing. While many believe that it is on the verge of dying, e-mail marketing is definitely still in the game. A friendly reminder about a new service or product or an updated newsletter can encourage the reader to move upwards along the loyalty spectrum. Although e-mail marketing still remains challenging due to it being less straightforward than other strategies, your e-mail list can open a brand new door to word-of-mouth marketing!

DO: create great subject lines and a well-designed UX

DON’T: go for spamming!

               6) Blogging

Your blog keeps your website “alive”. Heck, some might even argue that if you don’t have a budget for your SEO then you should at least make sure to blog! Dedicate some space on your website to write about the latest updates in your industry, tips and tricks, Q&As and best practices. Make sure to plan content that can generate traffic because, odds are, many people will be writing about something similar. So this is the right time to be creative in a way that separates your content from all the rest. Don’t be afraid to use brave headlines and bold visuals. Most importantly, don’t forget to add value to your content. If the reader trusts your words, then they will easily trust your business!

DO: offer original content, use visuals for support and blog regularly!

DON’T: write solely for the search engine. Without interested readers, you have no traffic!

               7) Visual Content

Content is the backbone of the relationship with your customers because the way you display your material says a lot about your business. Nowadays, there is a prominent shift towards content marketing simply because eye-catchy content gets you more shares, more likes, and ultimately more traffic. Not only is this the case, but other strategies such as social media marketing and online advertising are becoming more reliant on visual content due to its relatively high information retention. So, bottom line, create materials that beg to be clicked, sending more and more visitors to your website!

DO: Use relevant visuals that help deliver your message in a matter of seconds.

DON’T: overstuff with visuals that do not offer a value to your content.

               8) Click to Tweet Links

This is an easy trick you can do in seconds. Find something your audience is likely to share or, in other words, something “tweetable”. Tweak your content so that it has phrases worth sharing, such as tips, quotes and stats, and add share buttons to your website. In just one click, your visitor will get a pre-written tweet for easy sharing!

DO: utilize areas that emphasize on valuable information by urging readers to share with clear CTAs.

DON’T: highlight content that is not worth sharing.

               There are many ways to get attention online. The important thing is to stand out among your competitors and add value to your marketing efforts. Become the leader of your industry by giving the best image of your business and build trust with your readers. Focus on value rather than advertising bombardment, on quality content rather than mainstream marketing messages. Treat your readers as your apprentices and be the first to educate them about your industry. Do that and you would be surprised of the results!